School rights you may not know you have:


If you live in any of the following situations:


  • In a shelter or on the street
  • In a motel or campground
  • In a car, park, abandoned building, bus or train station
  • Couch surfing/doubled up with others due to loss of housing, foreclosure, eviction or economic hardship
  • Inadequate living accommodations (i.e. overcrowding, lack of plumbing, heating, or electricity)
  • Foster care (placement less than 6 mo.)

You may be eligible for services, including:


  • Transportation to school
  • School breakfast or lunch at no charge
  • Free school supplies
  • Academic support and tutoring
  • Help getting school records, including birth certificate and immunization records
  • Referrals for housing, health care, and food
  • Referrals for other services

You also have the right to:


  • Enroll in and attend school, no matter where you live and how long you have lived there
  • Continue attending the same school after experiencing loss of housing, or transfer to a new school
  • Receive transportation assistance, if possible
  • Receive school meal program
  • Receive Title I services

For more information, please call Patty Ollila at 906-575-3438, ext. 100.