Request for Proposals

Proposal 1Educator Evaluation Research and Evaluation Activities RFP - Posted 11/07/16

Proposal 2 - Educator Evaluation Research and Evaluation Survey Tools RFP - Posted 11/17/16

Questions and Answers:

Proposal 1 - Educator Evaluation Research and Evaluation Activities RFP
Q1 - The grant allows for us to pick one or more activity and questions within each activity. As an example, we could pick questions 2a, 2b, and 2c under Activity 2. Do we need to address every question within the 2a piece or can we address one question within that piece should we choose that question?

A1 - An applicant may propose to answer some of the questions in the subcomponent of an activity, but not others without being disqualified from consideration. Reviewers will consider the capacity to provide the deliverables generally in one or more of the research focus areas.

Q2 - As far as the body of the proposal goes, are the reviewers looking for an action plan format or a document that has  more traditional methodology and literature review sections?

A2 - Applicants should follow the format as outlined in Section 3 of the RFP. Successful proposals will demonstrate an understanding of existing pertinent research as well as a work plan that includes a research methodology appropriate for the research questions addressed.

Q3 - Is this RFP an extension of, or connected to, the work done by the Michigan Council for Educator Effectiveness?

A3 - This RFP is not a formal extension of, nor formally connected to, the work done by the MCEE. The MDE continues to use the work of the MCEE to inform its work around educator evaluations. Applications that extend the work of the MCEE are welcome, but this is not required.

Q4 - Who will comprise the review team for the proposals? We would like to craft the document around the roles of people who will review. We are not seeking names or titles, but professional job categories. 

A4 - Reviewers are seasoned K-12/higher education educators. They are administrators with experience with grants, research and evaluation.

Q5 - Is this limited to ISDs/RESAs?

A5 - No

Q6 - Can non-profit education organizations also respond?

A6 - Yes. Please refer to page 2 of RFP. 1st paragraph, line 3 and 4, "educational research or support organizations." 

Q7 - The budget form seems to indicate “up to 5% for indirect costs.” Is this a requirement or is there some flexibility for MDE on indirect costs given the best value proposal?

A7 - The "up to 5% for indirect costs" is required and is not flexible.

Proposal 2 - Educator Evaluation Research and Evaluation Survey Tools RFP
Q1 - What type of experience “relates to publicly-funded grants?" For example, schools frequently use Title 1 funds to pay for our services. Does that count as experience related to publicly-funded grants?

A1 - Yes

Q2 - Is 5 years of such experience mandatory for being considered as a service provider, or strongly encouraged?

A2 - Mandatory