Board of Education

Photo of Jim Ojala, Board
Jim Ojala, President Term Expires 2029

Marti Wegner, Treasurer Term Expires 2029
Photo of Bill Steiger
Bill Steiger, Vice President Term Expires 2026

Photo of Carol Yakovich, Board Trustee
Carol Yakovich, Trustee Term Expires 2026
Photo of Russell Bailey, Board Trustee
Russell Bailey, Trustee Term Expires 2024

Cathy Shamion, Trustee Term Expires 2029
Photo of Ann Wuorinen, Board Treasurer
Ann Wuorinen, Secretary Term Expires 2024

2023-2024 Common Calendar: Month-By-Month View

5-Year Common Calendar – 2023-2028

2022-2023 Board Meeting Dates

GOISD Board of Education / GOISD Education Association Master Agreement

NEOLA Policies

March 15, 2023 Board Meeting Agenda

Approved Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting DateDownloadable Minutes (PDF Format)
Organizational 2022Minutes
January 2022Minutes
February 2022Minutes
March 2022Minutes
April 2022Minutes
May 2022Minutes
June 2022Minutes
Truth in Taxation 2022Minutes
July 2022Minutes
August 2022Minutes
September 2022Minutes
October 2022Minutes
November 2022Minutes
December 2022Minutes
Organizational 2023Minutes
January 2023Minutes