Great Start Readiness Program

Great Start Readiness Program is a high quality preschool program for eligible four year olds in the state of Michigan. The focus of GSRP is to prepare children to make the most out of their time in school and to give parents the opportunity to actively encourage their children in the academic arena.

Preparing Children

The GSRP uses the HighScope curriculum to help children develop a strong interest in learning.  Sparking an active interest in their own education at an early age serves children well in their future school careers. There is a limit of eight children for every one adult in the classroom in order to ensure maximum interaction between teachers and children.

Parental Involvement

GSRP strives to actively involve parents in their children’s education. Parents can join the Parent Advisory Committee, volunteer within the GSRP classroom, and attend various parenting workshops through the Great Start Collaborative

Family Service

Conditions at home can have a direct impact on how well a child learns in the classroom. Because of this GSRP offers services that assess an individual family’s needs and identify community resources that could help.

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