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Updates for LSVA (December 16, 2021)

Hi Parents and Students:

The end of LSVA Semester 1 is January 21st. Some of our local school districts have different semester end dates. Your student will follow the end dates for LSVA courses as the 21st of January and their in person classes according to their local district schedule.  Students should check with their teachers for specific dates.

If your child is returning to in person school starting 2nd Semester, they will need to follow the local districts schedule.  However, they will have until Jan 21st or teacher due dates for any LSVA course work they need to complete. Any questions, please contact your local district office for more information.

If your student is continuing with an LSVA course or courses, you have to call the LOCAL DISTRICT office to inform them and discuss what courses your student needs for the second semester.  This deadline for SEMESTER 2 enrollment is January 7th and no changes can be made after that date.

Attached are the course lists.  Please make sure the elective(s) courses your student takes is appropriate for their grade, age and skills. Elective descriptions can be found at Again, this should be discussed with your local district personnel/guidance counselor to ensure your student is taking what he/she needs.

Grades will be mailed to you after the 21st, as soon as districts can record them in PowerSchool. 

PLEASE make sure your student is doing work. I have sent out information for you to login to Canvas and GenNet to check student progress. Please check on this.

If your child fails a course, please call the school to see if returning in person is required.


Holly Caudill


The Lake Superior Virtual Academy is a FREE K-12 Virtual School operated by the Gogebic-Ontonagon Intermediate School District in collaboration with our six local school districts and GenNet Online Learning.

LSVA K-5 Course Catalog

LSVA Middle School Course Catalog

LSVA High School Course Catalog

If you are interested in becoming an LSVA teacher, please click here.

  • LSVA Virtual Courses allow students to participate in all school athletics and activities at the school the student is registered at when the student takes a minimum of four credit earning courses per day (ex.: all virtual courses or a mixture of virtual and face-to-face).

  • LSVA Virtual Courses provide all GOISD K-12 students equal access to a quality K-12 education regardless of where the student lives in the Western U.P.

  • LSVA Virtual Courses provide the same academic course access that is currently enjoyed by students throughout the entire state of Michigan.

  • Students are able to take LSVA Virtual Courses at school, safely at home, and anywhere with Wifi access.

  • LSVA Virtual Courses will benefit: All students in public schools, Home school students, Students with illness or disabilities, Students needing Credit Recovery, High Achieving and Gifted students.